Our Programs

Interactive Sessions for Children

  1. Importance of Saving
  2. Health is Wealth
  3. Behaviour, Mannerism & Etiquettes
  4. How to reduce Exam Anxiety
  5. Goal Setting
  6. Sex Education
  7. Self-defense techniques
  8. Career Guidance
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Seminars for Teacher

  1. Blissful Health
  2. Stress buster
  3. Innovative teaching methods
  4. Step up with today's generation
  5. How to identify & guide LD child
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Seminars for Parents

  1. Happy Parenting

Grand Awards Function

Best Teacher Recognization all Maximum number of Participants


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Discount Voucher

worth Rs.30000/- to all Participants

Health checkup

Eye/Dental checkup once in a year.

Educational Fair


First time in Mumbai Summer Camp on all round Development.

What is Whole Brain Development/Super Sensory Development?

The Workshop usually called “Super Sensory Development” Training. Super Sensory Development is a term which has a main objective to balance right-left brain. In fact, super sensory development activates the whole brain parts. The Training uses some Japanese methods to make children enthusiastic and happy, so that they can maximize all brain parts.
In our Unique & effective super sensory training, we use advanced brain wave frequency in the joy of music and stress-free environment to develop the left & right brain (whole brain). Once they activate their super sensory, they become smarter than before.
In today’s world EQ plays very important role to be successful. So we will focus to enhance EQ through interactive sessions, games and meditation techniques.
Powers without ethics is of no use so we will make them understand the importance of ethics in our life with help of some stories & role plays.

First time in Mumbai Summer Camp which involves parents too.

Wednesday-Saturday – session will be for kids
Sunday – combine session for parents & kids

1) Full on Confidence
2) Better Concentration
3) Emotionally Balanced
4) Memory Enhancement
5) Increase in Grasping Power
6) Relax, Stress free and Fearless
7) Transforms to Positive Attitude
8) More Creative & more Intuition Power

*And best part of this summer camp is, one day session for parents, they will enjoy without any fear, frustration, depression they love to be just like a child.

So get registered your child for this Unique workshop “Born 2 Win” and help them to be unique. Make these 5 days an awesome & memorable one for your family.